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The "MobileFocus+ by EverFocus" allows you to connect to your EverFocus DVRs and IP Cameras from your smart phone. You can view video streams and control the PTZ cameras easily.Features:- Devices management- Live view- Channel control- PTZ control- Gesture PTZ control- Gesture digital zoom- Snapshot- Full screen- Mobile stream- Push notification
Supported DVRs:- Paragon Series- Ecor HD/FHD Series- Ecor 264 Series- Ecor 960 Series- EDR Series- ELR Series - EMV Series - ENDEAVOR Series- EPHD Series- ERS Series
Supported NVRs:- XMS Series- EMX Series- ENVR Series
Supported IP Cameras:- EAN Series- EDN Series- ETN Series- EFN Series - EBN Series- EPN Series- EZN Series- EHN Series- EMN Series- EQN Series - EVS Series
Only Administrator user can log in these IP Cameras.- EAN2150/2350- EAN2218- EDN2210/2245- EPN2218